just out here feeding my soul and filling my heart, from behind the lens


i will never underestimate the story your hands can tell through my lens

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“jesse and i first met when she did a photo session for my boyfriends family in june 2018. i cannot say enough good things about her or her work. she’s easy to talk to, fun yet professional, and made us all feel so comfortable getting our photos taken. she’s just fantastic.
i then attended one of her roselLita workshops where she made learning about our cameras and photography fun, easy to understand, and the care and effort she put into the workshop was so kind and genuine. i use skills that she taught us to this day when taking photos. 

i also appreciate that i can ask Jesse any type of photography question and she will give me the best answer along with advice. jesse’s absolutely amazing- and her photography always makes me feel something. i think that’s what all photographers strive for, yet for Jesse, it comes so naturally. jesses talent speaks for itself; i highly recommend her.

- candace

you've seen me!

i have had the incredible blessing of being published in works like:

rockn w report
-american western fashion magazine

buckskin bride
-american western wedding blog


cowboys & indians
-american magazine

tatler magazine 
ondon, uk magazine

kimes ranch jeans
-american blog

bex sunglasses
-content creator + ELITE team ambassador

lammles western wear 
-stampede ranch boutique content creator